About Kaarin Fairfax

A highly regarded artist who has worked extensively in theatre with leading directors and in Australia’s most popular television shows, Kaarin is an established theatre director, accomplished music artist, and Artistic Director at the The Little Theatre Company.

She is best known for StalkHer, Bed of RosesOne Night the Moon, The Harp in The SouthPoor Man's Orange, Young Einstein, and Starstruck.  

Nominated for AFI Best Actress awards for Belinda, Poor Man’s Orange, and Harp In The South, and for ARIA’s Best New Talent for Mary-Jo Starr’s Drive-In Motel, Kaarin won the Green Room Award for Outstanding Direction at Melbourne Fringe for Uncle Bob.

See Kaarin's full biography, or read on for more about her theatrical life and upbringing.

In her own words...

I come from a theatrical background. My father George Fairfax was an actor, director and the CEO of The Victorian Arts Centre. His mother before him, Lilian Joseph, was one of the first female radio announcers in Australia. My mum Joy Webber was a water ballerina – performing in Olympic pools and water tanks set up in bullrings throughout Europe.

George Studied Law at Melbourne University then switched across to an Arts degree. He became an actor and director, studied and worked overseas, then came back to Australia and joined Rene Mitchell and Brett Randall as a director at The Little Theatre (which became St. Martin’s Theatre) alongside the  creative team of John Truscott (winner of an Academy Award for costumes for Paint Your Wagon) and scenic artist extraordinaire Paul Kathner.

After many years of success dad was headhunted to step in to oversee the building of The Victorian Arts Centre. He travelled around the world visiting theatres and concert halls in all the great cities – gathering information to bring back to Melbourne and the Victorian Arts Centre team, from the likes of renowned architect Sir Roy Grounds.

So I was born into the world of the arts. I remember being tiny and watching dad directing shows. Being around actors, writers musicians, directors and designers was a normal part of everyday life. My world was filled with the magic of theatre and creation and all who inhabited it.

At school I was a bit bossy, taking every opportunity to create and direct my friends in little shows and performances. I watched performances of live theatre become performances live on television. My dad was a part of it all; they were heady days, indeed.

I learned to sing and dance and became addicted to and dedicated to a life as an artist. I love working with actors and artists and dreamers, across the creative arts Industry and being part of shows that are transformative, insightful and inspiring.

Over my lifetime I have gathered and accumulated experience as a performer, theatre maker, director and mentor. I am excited by people’s creativity, passion, dreams and talents and I wish to share what I know and help others to realise their brilliance and follow their dreams.